Garlic Butter Lobster Roll


>    A Cooked Lobster
>    2 Garlic Cloves
>    Bread or Brioche Rolls
>    Salted Butter
>    Fresh Chives
>    A Lemon


>    A bowl to collect the shell
>    Skewer, small fork or lobster pick
>    A pair of tough scissors
>    A rolling pin
>    A frying pan


This recipe assumes you have a pre-cooked but shelled lobster. Please be wary that lobster shell can be sharp.

Step 1

Follow > this < tutorial from BBC Good Food demonstrating how to extract the meat from a cooked lobster.

Step 2

In a frying pan, add 150g of butter. Set this to a medium heat to let the butter melt.

Step 3

Add two crushed, or finely slice garlic cloves to the melted butter.

Step 4

Add the lobster meat to the pan, coat the lobster in as much of the butter as possible.

Don't leave the lobster in the pan for any more than 30 seconds - we are not aiming to cook it again.

Step 5

Empty the lobster meat into a bowl.

Squeeze some lemon over the lobster meat.

Step 6

Slice the bread rolls lengthwise and place face down in the frying pan until lightly toasted.

Place the lobster meat into the toasted rolls and top with some freshly chopped chives.

Step 7


A Lobster roll from this guide